Why does this story matter?

Hello!  I’m Jen.  Thanks for visiting Start with Broken! I look forward to sharing ordinary, everyday encounters of wonder and joy in the midst of brokenness. My hope is the stories here will encourage you in the midst of discouragement, challenge you to greater contentment and honesty, and remind you of the delight in each day. I invite you to share your story as well –  questions, wisdom, ugliness and silliness all welcome.

Why start with broken? Because its the place where transformation begins.

I love being a mom to my (now not-so-little 5 year old) bear Wade. And I recently gave birth to twin boys in March which adds much adventure to life. Together with my husband Brian, we are finding our way into being a family of 5. (This isn’t so simple and seamless, as it turns out.) Before stepping away from my job last fall when I was too sick to work, I provided graphic design, copywriting and project management services. I enjoy sewing, weaving and all sorts of crafts, reading, music, cooking (gluten/dairy/FODMAP free) and being outside. (All of those in very minute amounts these days!) Our home away from home is Seaside, FL.




me and my boys (yes those are giant bags under my eyes)


a brief but sweet moment

my little family

our little family a few years back


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