My mother’s prayers saved my life

Do you remember a crossroads that changed the trajectory of your life? Or that could have for the worse? I remember walking out of earshot of the good and right lessons I learned as a child. I wondered, what might … Continue reading

Simplicity Killer: self-pity (part 2)

Ever been sharing with a friend about a tough situation in your life, maybe even bordering on self-pity, when they say “well, it could be worse.” Or more specifically, “you could have cancer like so-and-so” or “you could have _____ … Continue reading

On seeing a friend for the last time (a 5 minute theology of death)

God is good. All the time. If you’re a Christian, especially an evangelical, you’ve likely heard this saying many times. God is good, but every day this truth is hard pressed against the bitter realities of life. Only in a … Continue reading