I need help. (The freezer shelf confession)

Life is more than I can handle.

There it is. The truth. And what I don’t want anyone else to know.

But this is exactly what God wants me to know.

Work. Family. Kid. Basic needs. Friendships. A household. Errands. Communication. Health. Rest.

The stuff of life can grind me down to pieces.

Everyday God reminds me of 2 things:
1. I need Him.
2. I need others.

Asking for help is humbling. At times it seems an admission of failure. But it’s exactly where God wants us.

I want to offer a reminder – maybe you need to ask for help, finally. Or maybe you need to step out and offer help because someone is afraid to ask. Don’t be ashamed to accept an offering. Don’t be afraid to make an offering.

Help comes in many forms – listening ear, babysitting, carpooling, meals, cleaning, card in the mail, prayer left over voicemail, an embrace.

We know our culture teaches independence, self-sufficiency. But God created us to live in community, as a team.

Maybe living life and raising a child does take a village. Maybe the best version includes more than me and my spouse.

I get help. I don’t do life alone. My mother takes care of my son while I work. Sometimes she runs errands and folds clothes. My dad loves to cook. He churns out freezer meals for us on a weekly basis.

our #1 support, aka Grandma

our #1 support, aka Grandma

chef Grandpa

chef Grandpa

In my parents garage is an upright freezer. The top shelf is mine. My dad stacks it up with meals I can pick up as needed – hamburger, meatloaf, soup, chili, pork loin. I could be embarrassed about this. I could try to keep it a secret. “Doesn’t every other mother make all her family’s meals?!” Maybe. But I get help.

And maybe you could use help too.

my no longer secret shelf in the freezer

my no longer secret shelf in the freezer


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