Start with Bacon – Paleo “peanut butter cups” dessert

There are a few things that help me stick to my alternative diet. One of these is having a few good snack/treat options. There is a minority of folks who “don’t have a sweet tooth” or who could go a lifetime without snacks or dessert. (I assume those people have their own blog.) This is for everyone else.

Yes – fellow paleo’ers – peanuts are legumes, and therefore not included in the paleo diet, for various reasons. However, one of my top suggestions for creating a diet you can maintain for a lifetime, is to stay realistic. Adhere to the main ideas and alter where needed. For example, I still eat legumes. There are various arguments for or against legumes, but the bottom line is that they work for me.) So – that’s why I go with peanut butter for my cups. But you can choose any nut or seed butter you like!

So where was I? Oh yes, peanut butter, or almond butter, or cashew butter etc. As is often my issue, many paleo folks pour on the sugar in forms like honey etc. So, how to make a nut cup with no or very little sweetener? Start with rich ingredients. Diane Sanfilippo, author of the Practical Paleo cookbook and Balanced Bites blog, has some great low or no sugar recipes. She also has a sugar detox helper. The original recipe for the cups below comes from her cookbook Practical Paleo. I removed the maple syrup.

Here is my revised recipe below. I promise you will enjoy. They are delicious and satisfying. My 18 month old son will vouch for their deliciousness – subtlety sweet and rich. He gets a bite and then on cue, raises his little toddler hands to sign “more! more!”

Paleo Peanut Butter Cups

**Please note some of these photos have the chocolate nut cup pictured. I will post that recipe separately and is it still undergoing revisions.**

3 tbsp melted coconut oil
3 tbsp softened coconut butter/manna
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
vanilla bean flecks from ½ vanilla bean pod (cut pod open and scrape beans out with a paring knife)

3 tbsp nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew etc)
1 tbsp melted coconut oil

  • Grease the inside cups of a mini muffin pan.
  • Mix the ingredients for the shell and filling in 2 separate bowls.
mix filling and shell in bowl

mix filling and shell in bowl

  • Spoon and divide 1/2 of the shell mixture into ~8 mini muffin cups. I say about 8 b/c it depends on the size of your cups and how big you want them to be. I like mine a little larger than the original recipe called for.
spoon base shell layer

spoon base shell layer

  • Place the muffin pan in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or until the shell has set or hardened.
  • Spoon out the nut filling into the cups and place pan back in fridge. You can let the filling just fill the center of the cup so the shell covers the filling. Or like me – fill generously and give your cup an appetizing nut “stripe.”
time for the nut butter layer - pour it on!

time for the nut butter layer – pour it on!

  • When filling layer is set repeat process with the top of the shell. You’re done!


stack up the deliciousness

stack up the deliciousness

  • Store in the fridge for a week. You can eat these right from the fridge (we do) or give them a 5 minutes to warm and soften.

Hope you enjoy – this is a staple treat in my house!


3 thoughts on “Start with Bacon – Paleo “peanut butter cups” dessert

  1. These look and sound so good! Question (two actually): What kind of coconut oil do you use? I recently bought some without doing too much — or any — research. The kind I bought says “high heat” and I’ve since noticed there are different “heats” listed for different ones. What do you recommend? Also, do they need to go back in the refrigerator to set after you layer on the top shell? Thanks!

    • Hey girl – I usually buy spectrum but recently switched to the whole foods 365 brand for the sake of cost. Medium works for baking but high heat for crying and high heat sautéing. Do u so one more than the other? I am trying to be more cognizant of this actually as us isn’t oils at wrong heats causes free radical and carcinogens. I’ll see if I can find u a guide online.

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