My mother’s prayers saved my life

Do you remember a crossroads that changed the trajectory of your life? Or that could have for the worse? I remember walking out of earshot of the good and right lessons I learned as a child. I wondered, what might be a little further out?

It is a curious thing to me at times – why did I make the choices I did? How did I end up where I’m at rather than somewhere else?

There are several explanations, each important. I made some good decisions. I listened to God. I had wise counsel and accountability. However, I can’t examine the good in my life without giving credit to my mother’s prayers.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the razors edge that stood between me and disaster, between me and a decision I could never take back. What kept me from stepping over the precipice? I believe the answer is found in a woman praying by her bedside in the early morning hours.

Has your mother prayed for you?

Imagine her taking the ear of God on your behalf. God listens to everyone who calls. But I like to think His ear is especially attuned to the persistent intercession of mothers. They influence Him. I wonder what Jesus thought of his mother’s prayers. I am confident he knew the depth of her heart and the longings she had for him. Remember the moments after Jesus’ birth? Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” I’ve seen my mother doing the same. And only after I became a mother did I begin to understand what was likely on Mary’s heart. A mother’s heart is a secret place of rumination. I believe this secret place is the precursor to mother’s prayer life.

My mother’s prayers protected me many times, though I will likely never know the extent of their influence in my life. Now as an adult, my mother’s example stokes my own prayers for my son. Pray big, pray passionately. Pray for months and years on end. Pray many times in a night. Pray out loud. And every day give your child over to God. (I’m not very good at this yet.)

Last year my mother gave me a special gift – her own copy of the Power of a Praying Parent. This book fomented her prayers and provided words when she could not form them herself. In the gift of the book she passed on a legacy of prayer that both blesses and challenges me. On a few pages I find underlines and wonder if they were meant for me or my brother, if there was a particular day when she lingered on the words. I wonder how many times she held the book in intercession or tears.

A few months ago, my family was faced with a potentially grave diagnosis. I allowed myself to be overcome by worry and emotion. While anxiety overtook me, I saw my mom draw closer to God in quiet trust. I was struck by our disparate responses. Maybe my prayer life wasn’t what I assumed. One blessing of a prayerful life is the ability to drink deeply from your history with God – to be nourished and sustained by the knowledge of his past faithfulness. I have a measure of this already, but my mother’s history far exceeds mine.

I have only begun my prayer journey as a mother. Certainly long nights await somewhere in the days ahead. When my voice seems to fall at my feet, and I seem unable to reach my son, I’ll remember the impact of my mother’s prayers, and that my influence is greatest at bended knees.

How have the prayers of your mother or someone else influenced your life?
How do you pray for your children?

and now a praying Grandma

and now a praying Grandma


2 thoughts on “My mother’s prayers saved my life

  1. This one really spoke to me. Did you ever see or read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? If not, rent it soon if you can find the time. It reminds me of how deep a mother’s love runs for her child, and I simply fell apart at the end of it… It is so heartbreaking and beautiful watching this mother allow her son to have the experiences he needs to have, while keeping watch the whole time. Your mother is one of the greatest women I have met. I was always very, very nervous around her. Isn’t that funny? She is one of the kindest women on the whole planet. Yet there is a purity about her that you don’t see often in women who have matured. It almost made me feel accountable and constantly aware of my own intentions and thoughts… the way I feel around a spiritual teacher or minister. My mom, too, has some crazy good praying that probably saved my life… literally. But yes, I would bet your mom’s prayers may have given you some hearty protection over the years. And good lord, your son is probably driving around in an army tank of prayers. LOL.

    • Hey Bunny! I never did see that movie. I will have to rent it – and probably watch it alone b/c of emotions! 😉 That is such an amazing compliment for my mom – she definitely is a spiritual giant in some ways, God is definitely her first. I’d love to hear about your mom’s prayers too. We certainly are blessed to have them! And its such a good reminder of how WE can affect lives with prayer. You are right on Wade – ha! That’s a great visualization too! Always love your feedback and comments!

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