Everyone is sick. Now what?!

I hate colds, but considering I’ve been very sick before (think hospital for multiple days with rotavirus or 3 months of vomiting during pregnancy), they aren’t so bad. But perspective aside, a week in virus-land feels like an eternity. Especially when you have kids. (That’s also why my two upcoming posts and replies to comments have been delayed, if you were wondering 🙂

Kids can’t take cough syrup or codeine, so it’s helpful to have distractions and soothers available.

Some of our favorites include: blankeys, peanut butter banana smoothies, baths and water play, Mister Rogers, back rubs, singing.

We are still young in our parenthood journey and have many more long nights of sick babies in our future…so I’d love hear some of your ideas? What do you do to soothe your sick babies, whether they are young or old?




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