10 Years of Marriage Reduced to a List

My husband and I marked our 10th wedding anniversary last week.  It passed with little fanfare, though we have promised dinner and movie to ourselves in the next week.  What comes to mind when you celebrate an anniversary, of any kind?  My mind streams a chaotic film of moments passed – the good, the hard, the insignificant, the defining.  And what about the future?  What do you think when you look ahead?  We have do hopes for the future.  There is anticipation at the good things ahead.  But I can’t completely avoid my inclination to speculate on the hard things as well.  What will the next 10 bring – cancer, loss, illness?  In my mind, the future is as mixed as the present.

10 long years ago...

10 long years ago…

If only I kept a journal for marriage as I do for my son!  Nevertheless, I created a short list of noteworthy events in the past 10 years of marriage.  Like our lives, it is a bit disordered, unexpected, peppered with the good and the hard.

**Note: this list is by no means inclusive, nor does it include the unquantifiable moments, which are often the best. But this does help answer the question – what have we been doing the past 10 years??**

1 rental house
1 home
1 child
8 jobs
4 root canals
7 cars
5 visits to Seaside, FL
1 life-altering diagnosis
2 tough mudders
2 mini marathons
4 pull-ups
5 iPhones
2 cats
2 pool liners
1 downsizing
1 tree swing
6 family members passing
4 friends passing
12 family reunions
15 concerts
1 renovation
1 college degree
3 promotions
1 trip to Hawaii
1 skydive
1 surgery
2 counselors
4 couches (3 were hand-me-downs)
13 states
2 oceans
3 car accidents
~12 times Brian emptied Jen’s vomit bucket (a valuable number)
1 motorcycle (Brian sold to buy Jen’s engagement ring)
3 emergency room visits

our little family - 10 years later

our little family – 10 years later

What would make your list?

Blog Update!  Upcoming posts in the works include:

  1. The Inadequacy of Words in Hard Times
  2. More from the Start with Bacon Food Series:  Recipe for Light & Dark Peanut Butter Coconut Cups (no gluten/dairy/sugar/FODMAP)

I am especially excited about a series in the works – Courageous Conversations. This series will be a conversation with 4 different individuals experiencing physical brokenness in various ways, and how that brokenness has shaped their experience of God.

I so appreciate your interest in the stories here.  And I welcome your feedback and ideas as we continue to grow and shape the blog in the coming months!


7 thoughts on “10 Years of Marriage Reduced to a List

  1. My list would be 42 years of marriage. Add four more if you count the years we were dating. The picture of your little family is wonderful. All I can say is hold on to each other and enjoy the ride.

    • I am trying to enjoy the ride! My son definitely teaches me to do this better than I would have years ago. I may not always choose what happens to me, but I can always choose how to respond. I’d love to see your list from 42+ years. Every year seems to go faster than the one before!

    • Thanks so much Jeff! I’m glad it was or struck a chord! My list is still only beginning compared to many, but it gives perspective to write even a short one – how fast our lives move!

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