100 Items to Purge (or Reduce) In Your Home

Spring cleaning is great, but why wait till next year? Why not clean out your home before Christmas? You know, before you accumulate more clothes…before you press the kitchen supplies back even further into the cabinet…before you stack another book…before you slip one more tube of lipstick into your clutch…before you add one more item to your child’s leviathan toy collection.

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist has already done the work of creating a great “clean out” list, so I will defer to him. This list of 101 Physical Things That Can Be Reduce In Your Home was an excellent resource for me. This list can be your starting point! Print it off – even if you aren’t sure whether you want to begin a journey towards simplicity. You can read it, mull it over, digest the content. Pick just one item from the list and make a start. A small start is still a start. I keep this list and refer to it multiple times a year – when I feel bogged down, overwhelmed, sucked dry, tired of managing stuff. (If you’re a lazy clickers, I’ve included the list at the bottom of post.)

I’d love to hear what first steps you take, or how this list got you started!

Here are some my recent favorites from the list below. You can also check my own short list for starting the journey towards simplicity The Surprising Alternative to Buying More.

hair ties etc - cut my hair short!

hair ties etc – cut my hair short!

clippings of future ideas & projects (paper version of Pinterest)

clippings of future ideas & projects (paper version of Pinterest)

clothes - this is ongoing

clothes – this is ongoing





bottles of water

bottles of water

  1. Glassware
  2. Cookbooks
  3. Kitchen gadgets
  4. Kitchen appliances
  5. Pots / pans
  6. Mixing bowls
  7. Tupperware
  8. Water pitchers
  9. Magazines
  10. Newspapers
  11. Books
  12. Over-the-counter medicine
  13. Make-up
  14. Barretts / hair clips / ponytail holders
  15. Cleaning supplies
  16. Personal beauty appliances (hair dryer/curlers, electric razors)
  17. Bottles of shampoo/conditioner
  18. Photos
  19. Photography supplies
  20. Sewing supplies
  21. Craft supplies
  22. Scrap-booking supplies
  23. CD’s
  24. DVD’s
  25. Decorative items
  26. Candles
  27. Figurines
  28. Crystal
  29. Vases
  30. Audio/visual components
  31. Audio/visual cables
  32. Computer equipment
  33. MP3 players
  34. Furniture
  35. Video game systems
  36. Vdeo games
  37. Video game accessories
  38. Shirts / shorts
  39. Pants
  40. Coats
  41. Dresses
  42. Hats
  43. Clothes hangers
  44. Shoes
  45. Winter gear
  46. Jewelry
  47. Purses
  48. Coins
  49. Pillows
  50. Towels
  51. Linen sets
  52. Candle Holders
  53. Televisions
  54. Items on your bulletin board
  55. Magnets
  56. Artwork
  57. Mirrors
  58. Home office supplies
  59. Pens/pencils
  60. Old batteries
  61. Tools
  62. Hardware
  63. Rolls of duct tape
  64. Coolers
  65. Manuals
  66. Phone books
  67. Coupons
  68. Sporting good supplies
  69. Sports memorabilia
  70. Aluminum cans
  71. Glass bottles
  72. Automobile fluids
  73. Automobiles
  74. Scrap pieces of lumber
  75. Brooms
  76. Rakes
  77. Shovels
  78. Garden tools
  79. Plant containers
  80. Empty cardboard boxes
  81. Board games
  82. Puzzles
  83. Decks of cards
  84. Unused wedding gifts
  85. Baby clothes
  86. Baby supplies
  87. Old schoolbooks/papers
  88. Army men
  89. Bath toys
  90. Toy balls
  91. Toy cars/trucks
  92. Toy musical instruments
  93. Stuffed animals
  94. Plastic toys
  95. Childrens’ old school papers
  96. Suitcases
  97. Soda
  98. Alcohol
  99. Processed foods
  100. Christmas / seasonal decorations
  101. Cable channels



2 thoughts on “100 Items to Purge (or Reduce) In Your Home

  1. The list is so long it is overwhelming because there are so many places to work on, but I agree, just start with a single item. I made a rule for my kitchen, before I get a new kitchen gadget I have to get rid of an old one. At least it helps the problem from getting worse.

    • That’s a great rule of thumb for so many areas Lisa! And the kitchen I an easy place to start. I did more kitchen clean out this weekend – a tortilla press, duplicate corningware, a set of hand painted glasses someone gave me that I never liked 🙂 Thanks for your idea and hope to see you again!

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