Everyone is sick. Now what?!

I hate colds, but considering I’ve been very sick before (think hospital for multiple days with rotavirus or 3 months of vomiting during pregnancy), they aren’t so bad. But perspective aside, a week in virus-land feels like an eternity. Especially … Continue reading


100 Items to Purge (or Reduce) In Your Home

Spring cleaning is great, but why wait till next year? Why not clean out your home before Christmas? You know, before you accumulate more clothes…before you press the kitchen supplies back even further into the cabinet…before you stack another book…before … Continue reading

Start with Bacon series – greek style coconut milk yogurt (gf/df/sf)

I need snacks. Some people are not proponents of snacking, but I’m a realist. Having a selection of easy to make snacks helps maintain an “alternative” diet long-term. I stopped eating yogurt years ago. There are many non-dairy options in … Continue reading

How to have the (simpler) Christmas you want for your kids while not offending others (or at least not too many others)

I used to anticipate Christmas. Now, having a child, it makes me sweat. What are people going to buy my child? How do I stick to my simpler values for Wade’s childhood while maintaining relationships? Pursuing simplicity during Christmas is … Continue reading

My grandpa’s 69 year old letter from WWII (for veteran’s day)

Like most of the men from Greatest Generation, my grandfather is stoic, never asking for credit, accolades, or attention. He fought in WWII and went years without seeing his family. For decades he kept a schedule that would break many … Continue reading

Start with Bacon – my new series on food!

I don’t want to write about food really. Unlike many folks, I am required to think about food often. My life and health depend on it. (Hmmm…could this secretly be true for us all?) My puzzling relationship with food started … Continue reading

Simplicity Killer: self-pity (part 2)

Ever been sharing with a friend about a tough situation in your life, maybe even bordering on self-pity, when they say “well, it could be worse.” Or more specifically, “you could have cancer like so-and-so” or “you could have _____ … Continue reading