Quick thought: when a child surprises you

It’s been a hell of a week and I will get back on (blog) track and the simplicity series next week.

Tonight I want to share a quick story. My son Wade has a growing vocabulary and like most parents of toddlers we celebrate his new words as mini-milestones. Wade is fairly spot on with his modest vocabulary, but like all kids, sometimes they miss.

Tonight we went to the park. As we walked out to our bike to leave, the bear (Wade) yelled “moon!” I was sending a text at the moment and knew there was no moon in sight. “Poor bear doesn’t know what he means,” I thought. I walked on.

Again he yelled, “moon!” As if he sensed my incredulous tone. I looked again. And again, until finally I spotted it (see below).

I love how sure of himself he was, and how dismissive I was. I’ll mark this reminder little bear, because I remember how I felt as a child, when I sensed I had been dismissed. (Kids know.) I remember feeling ashamed. And shame is something I don’t want for Wade.

Thanks for your keen eye, and persistent voice. Love you bear.



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