Your time-saving ideas! (and chance to steal my grocery list)

We all know (I hope) that life is not about what we accomplish. But the fact is, sometimes you just have to get things done. The trash must be emptied, the job must be worked, the meals must be prepared, even if you are running a “simplified” house. As I’ve mentioned before, the first task is to adjust your expectations and determine if they are realistic. Only when you have reasonable goals can you can explore ways to maximize your effort and minimize time. Here is a list of starter ideas from friends to get you going! We’d love to hear more of your ideas too – feel free to comment!

Shopping ideas

  • Amazon prime – free delivery for household items etc., virtually anything you can buy
  • Peapod grocery delivery, small fee rivals gas prices/travel time
  • Green bean delivery
  • grocery app or grocery list on your phone; (I have a master grocery list, organized by aisle. When it’s time to shop, I print it out and circle what I need that week. Check out my Grocery List.

Ways to get the kids involved (at age 2 friend sally)

  • dusting low items
  • sorting laundry
  • dust-buster sweeping
  • clean counters
  • clean plates, load dishwasher
  • set the table
  • clean-up their toys
  • prep dinner


  • cook the same meal for your family and children, rather than 2 separate dinners
  • cook in bulk (double your recipes) to eat more than one night or freeze meals for easy cooking or reheating later (try Sunday)
  • create a meal planning schedule to remove some of the thought required for meals
  • along with meal planning, shop once weekly
  • use frozen vegetables and sides for faster prep
  • make lunches the evening before
  • put several days’ worth of healthy snacks in ziplocks (or the fridge) to make eating healthy a bit easier (and more appealing)
  • consider crockpot and one dish baked meals
  • once a week go out or pick up dinner – i.e. a rotisserie chicken from the grocery


  • have a weekly timed chore block – using a timer helps you stay focused and move fast.
  • wipe down kitchen immediately after meals
  • clean bathroom while older child takes a bath
  • create a chore board of weekly or regular expectations for family members to help prevent surprises and procrastinating
  • switch to online banking and pay bills from your phone via app, which means you can multitask while you’re waiting for your doctor

Getting Ready

  • layout clothes and supplies the day before
  • get up early to complete a few tasks before the kids rise
  • get some free weights to do short episodes of strength-training at home and save gym time
  • buy combination makeup and skincare products, i.e. a moisturizer that doubles as foundation, or try mineral foundation that brushes on in a snap
  • try short hair – dare I say it?  or consider washing your hair every other day and using a dry shampoo which provides extra texture and body anyway

Get Social

  • working mom? make phone dates to catch up with friends and family on your drive to or from work
  • can’t find time to read or miss church? try a book on tape or podcast sermons and lectures to make the most of travel

What are your ideas? What strategies have helped you?

get to mopping kid

get to mopping kid


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