Evening ideas – What do you do??

As I race out of work to pick up Wade, thinking of dinner and my evening to do list, I wish it was easier. I have taken steps to simplify and stretch my evenings but I always long for more.

Tonight I’d love to hear from you! What steps have you taken to simplify and maximize your weekday evening hours with your family – precooked meals, tv time, chores, whatever?! Share your idea or tip, no matter how small, in the comments or message me on Facebook.



2 thoughts on “Evening ideas – What do you do??

  1. Every Saturday that we are in town, my husband cleans the upstairs and I clean the downstairs–and we allow ourselves only an hour, which causes us to clean quickly but still thoroughly. Then these chores are not hanging over our head during the week but also have a “place” in the week where I know I can count on them getting done.

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