The simplest thing of all

I usually become angst about 2 days into a vacation, already anticipating its end and the return to normalcy. Although I can attest no place has a bed as sweet as home. (Hat tip to the inventor of memory foam.)

Vacationing with a child has been a new experience. Wade did fantastic, given the constant attention and stimulation. But that said, he has been a bit off. Last night I put him to bed to the worst screaming I can remember. Rocking his flailing, arched body I thought, “Yup, it’s time to go home.”

Why is home important?

Home is a primary identity-builder. It is the port from which we launch all explorations and experiments. This is never more evident than with a child.

Wade had his family this week, but he missed the quiet places he knows. He missed climbing into his learning tower to watch me cook, he missed walking out the front door to see the twin neighbors across the street, he missed opening up  pantry and cabinet doors to find expected playthings.

The familiar space and rhythms of home ground Wade. They provide a security that enables and foments his own adventures. Without a sense of home, Wade would wander about, not as an explorer, but as a drifter, looking about for something he could cling to.

Is it really any different for me?

What comprises your idea of home?  House, property, family, location, faith, food, music…?

“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder


getting back to a little more of this


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