Simple story entry – mommy’s secret


you can’t fool me

A few months back we introduced a blankey to Wade – a soft teal chenille type. He developed a tender attachment in just a few weeks. Now the blankey is a nap and bedtime must. He carries the blankey around the house too, occasionally insisting it accompanies him in his highchair. (We nicely decline and set the blankey nearby to prevent it becoming part of a meal.)

Being the practical family we are, Grandma bought a second (okay, and a third) blanket to make replacing and washing the blanket easy. We play an intense cat-and-mouse game with Wade, snatching one blanket to wash while stealthily replacing it with another.

Well, I let my guard down on vacation. Wade’s crib is in the bunkroom of our rental and I placed the extra blanket on top of one of the bunks. As I carried Wade out from a nap, one blanket in hand, he looked up and called out, his little toddler arm stretched out tight. Blanket #2 was made. I casually walked out of the room, not acknowledging Wade’s gestures. We went downstairs and he continued to babble, vehemently point upstairs. This continued for a little while until I set Wade down. Immediately he ran to the stairs and started to climb. (See top right photo.) Brian had already rehidden the blanket so when Wade made it upstairs to find the blanket had disappeared he was perplexed, but not deterred. (See top left photo.)

Finally laughter gave way and we decided seeing both blankets would not permanently harm Wade. While Wade wasn’t looking I replaced the blanket on the top bunk. Brian brought Wade back into the room and he looked again, spotting the blanket to his delight- “you weren’t fooling me!” (See bottom photos.) I was tickled, but not surprised at Wade’s observation.

Do you have a story about your child beginning to discover your secrets?


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