Packing light – what is that anyway?

I’m the first to say simplicity is a journey measured increments, in moments. My closet still wouldn’t pass for simple and now heading to vacation, I am reminded my packing wouldn’t either. Part of my packing challenge used to be celiac disease and the need to bring a pantry full of food on any vacation. Stores are much improved so now I can’t use this as my excuse. Though chronic health issues seem to need their own luggage.

Today was Wade’s first real day of travel – 2 car rides, 2 plane rides, 5 states, and 2 time zones.

I write now as I ride from the airport to our rented house in Seaside, FL. So all I want to mention is – there are 2 ways to travel light, travel simply:

1. Don’t pack a lot of physical baggage.
2. Don’t be high maintenance.

The first is self-explanatory, the second requires more explanation – be flexible, adaptable, and keep your expectations realistic. Keep perspective. Perspective helps simplify our lives because it reminds what is important and what isn’t. Perfect experiences aren’t important; being with those you love is. We always have a choice in how we respond to delays, turbulence, hiccups, TSA, etc.

A friend of mine is currently fighting terminal cancer. On the plane, sitting next to my mother amidst some irritation, I am reminded it could well be her, and that I’d give anything to be stuck on a crappy plane with her if it was so.

It’s been a long, challenging day, but we are blessed. Crying, spilled food, dirty airport floors and missing earrings don’t change that. My mother and I started the day cleanly showered, toys and snacks neatly separated in ziplocks, airplane hand rests sanitized. By the end we had yogurt soiled clothes, bags shoved full with who knows what, and Wader running through the Atlanta airport in dirty socks and blankey.

If I can’t take an unruly travel day as a gift from God, how will I be grateful for the truly hard ones?

In closing is would like to add how proud I am of my little bear who is a trooper and a charmer, even when he’s exhausted.






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