Simplicity Killer: self-pity (part 1 of 2)

You don’t know how bad I have it. No one understands the obstacles in my way. If only everyone knew how unfair it was. I deserve it, I’m so much better than the others. All of us think some variation … Continue reading

On seeing a friend for the last time (a 5 minute theology of death)

God is good. All the time. If you’re a Christian, especially an evangelical, you’ve likely heard this saying many times. God is good, but every day this truth is hard pressed against the bitter realities of life. Only in a … Continue reading

Expectations – 5 ways to stop beating yourself up already

I talked to a friend on my way into work this morning. We shared our frustration for how quickly evenings pass, especially with young children. Even the basic tasks seem to take so much time – work, dinner, clean-up, play … Continue reading